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  • December 01, 2020 15:43 | San Diego Realtist for Democracy in Housing (Administrator)

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    Real with Real Estate Expert @destinysixfinancial, Derrick Luckett,

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  • November 24, 2020 12:03 | San Diego Realtist for Democracy in Housing (Administrator)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank you to our wonderful members, partners, and community volunteers!

    Although this year looks very different than we all expected, we have many reasons to be thankful --- especially for your continuous support for us to achieve our mission of promoting and strengthening philanthropy in our community.

    Please be sure to join us on December 2 as we celebrate the highlights of this year, as well as host an interactive discussion about the 2020 programs and events that you found to be most valuable. Your feedback and suggestions will help determine where NCPC focuses its attention in 2021. Everyone who attends will be entered into a drawing for a free NCPC 2021 workshop ($25 value). 

    Register HERE

    FREE for Members

    $25 for Non-Members

  • October 07, 2020 12:29 | San Diego Realtist for Democracy in Housing (Administrator)

    ADU Point Video Series

    Welcome to our new video series dedicated to Accessory Dwelling Units. Never has been an better time for homeowners to leverage their real estate asset to create affordable housing or create income.

    It's exciting and cautious. So we seek experts to help homeowners and other professionals to navigate through the complexities of building an ADU.

    Join us in our journey to meet experts and hear important issues in building an ADU.

    ADU Point - The "Skinny" on Pre-design Plans


    JOIN US - Stay updated on ADUs, meet professionals and resources.

    Facebook ADU Group

    ADU Financing, Master plans, Ordinances

    Learn More

    Schedule your next home inspection - Call (888) 552-4677 or ONLINE

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  • September 10, 2020 10:47 | San Diego Realtist for Democracy in Housing (Administrator)

    Hi Carlton H,

    Fully funding the United States Postal Service is even more critical today than it was 5 months ago when I launched my petition to “Save the USPS.” Millions of voters depend on it. 

    That’s why I’m writing to ask you –– are you registered to vote in the upcoming 2020 Presidential ElectionDouble check your voter registration status by clicking here.

    Double check your voter registration status

    My name is Mike Hidalgo and 5 months ago I learned the USPS desperately needs funding in order to stay afloat. Spurred by the massive potential job loss, I immediately launched a petition to “Save the USPS.” Since then, it’s grown to 1.5 million signatures. Now, with the election looming, the fate of the USPS is making more headlines. 

    Whether you plan to vote by mail or in-person at the polls, first you need to double check that you’re registered to vote.

    Double check your voter registration status

    If you’re already registered to vote - GREAT! Here are 3 things you can do next: 

    1) Volunteer to write 5+ letters to eligible voters who don’t reliably cast their ballot in every election. Data shows that writing a letter is one of the best ways to get those voters to do their civic duty – plus buying stamps will help fund the USPS! Sign up to volunteer here.

    2) Request your mail-in ballot so you can vote safely. Submit this online form to see if you’re eligible.

    3) Check that your friends and family are prepared to vote too. Text this link to 3 people right now: 

  • September 10, 2020 10:43 | San Diego Realtist for Democracy in Housing (Administrator)

    Pandemic may lead to foreclosure crisis, CoreLogic says

    A surge in the share of mortgages 90 days or more overdue in June is a signal the U.S. could be heading toward a foreclosure crisis, according to CoreLogic.

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